If you knew today was your last day of life, what would you do differently ! Say... our souls with life &  faith. The inner soul 'A n t a r a' plays the soul-role. and so we...     R e s t l e s s S o u l s


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the restless souls

Life is like a song
which tune are we singing?

We are in love with passion,
zeal & enthusiasm.

Antara is neither an NGO nor an Incorporation with well structured set-up. It is an approach to form an informal group of "like-minded souls" working together. An amalgamation of eminent personalities coming from different walks of life putting their body, mind & soul together to create the best that is possible, be it on paper, web, light or sound.

It is for life & faith, faith in life!


antaraworks@gmail.com                                                                        Inspiration

A hint of romance, a twinge of regret, pain of separation... Gulzar weaves a tapestry of a myriad moods in his creations - which are passionate, resonant with deep emotions. He captures visuals and paints them with the strokes of soul.
...He is one of the most humble film-makers of Indian cinema...and poet too.
When he wrote poetry, he found fame through his stories. when he wrote stories he found fame through his songs. when he wrote songs, he found himself in direction. when he was writing, well, he famed for his scripts. something like this is still on.
...And he inspires thousand of souls. Poet-Filmmaker Gulzar saheb is the only inspiration behind this soul park.

 antaraworks@gmail.com                                                                                  Creation

He is a well known author, journalist, media critic and columnist having more than twenty two years experience in print and related media. He has been associated with prestigious news groups. His latest book HIT UPDESH: The book of razor management for employees only is a big hit.
Besides regular columns in print Yashwant vyas has published more than eight books, written scripts, translated and edited works. Comrade Godse  and Chintaghar (Novels), Amitabh ka A (Brand analysis of Amitabh Bachchan - the legend), Apne Girebaan Men (Research on Hindi print media) and Ab Tak 56 (collection of satires)  are his known works. He was awarded a national journalism fellowship to research. As editor, he had been heading an Indian multilingual portal group and two prestigious newspapers. He is  founder editor-in-chief of first Hindi-Gujarati new age magazine- Aha! Zindagi, associated with a largest circulated multi-edition  newspaper group.
...And he is a restless soul, has an intuition with strange new ideas, seems impractical, makes feel uncomfortable & wants to change the status quo.

ANTARA and oursouls.org, his soul-creations , are supported by soulpark.co.in  & thefridaypost.com.            

Rationalism of a philosopher 
Sense of life of a monk
Approach of a scientist

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It is for life & faith, faith in life!


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ANTARA  forum is a step towards life and faith. Its logo and other designs are registered under Indian trademark rules.

Antara runs a Portal called  oursouls.org  is woven with two  websites - thefridaypost.com and soulpark.co.in.  Some other sites and spaces  for readers communication are created within the portal in different sections. We, the restless souls, call our supporters - the HEALERS.

Any financial liability or administrative rights are solely with the registrant of the particular domain names and are bound within the law of Indian territory as mentioned in the disclaimer. If some pages are linked for the information purpose with other sources, copyright remains accordingly. once you sign in, it  is taken as your acceptance with all the terms and conditions. Research, knowledge, awareness and human cause are main driving forces  behind all the efforts and presentation.



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